5 Benefits of Dental Fillings

5 Benefits of Dental Fillings

Feb 01, 2020

Before we look at the benefits of dental fillings, let us fully understand what they are. A dental filling is an effective way of restoring a tooth destroyed by decay. The dentist removes the decayed material and then fills the place with filling material.

The filling material closes the spaces left after removing the decayed materials. The filling prevents future decay as well. There are different types of filling materials. Talk to your dentist to recommend the most effective one for you.

Best Dental Filling

The best filling for you will be determined according to the level of damage that needs to be repaired. Or whether you have allergies and where the filling is needed. Cost is also a major influence on which filling one may consider the best. Some of the options include:

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are made of silver and are among the most popular. They are a bit cheap but they have one disadvantage. The disadvantage being they are noticeable compared to the ones made of porcelain. They may not be the best option for front teeth.

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings are made in the lab as ordered by patients. They are matched to the color of your teeth. They are also resistant to stains. They can also last for a very long time. Porcelain fillings can cover most of the damaged tooth. However, they are relatively expensive.

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are also made as ordered by the patient. They are made in the lab then cemented on the damaged tooth. They are very durable and can last for up to 20 years. Most people consider gold fillings the best filling material. However, there is one downside. These fillings are usually very expensive and require you to visit a dentist a couple of times.

Composite Resins

Composite or plastic fillings are matched with the color of your teeth. They are a good option for front teeth. However, they have a few downsides. One is that they are prone to stains and they chip easily compared to the other materials. They also don’t last for long. Composite resins can last for three to nine years. They are relatively cheap though.

If a large portion of your tooth is damaged, a dental filling may not be the answer. Your dentist may have to recommend a dental crown.

Five Benefits of Dental Fillings

Check out these benefits of tooth fillings.

  • 1. Quick Treatment

Depending on the treatment you choose, it can take a very short time. For example, it will not take even an hour for tooth-colored filling treatment for three cavities. The whole procedure is also painless. A Satsuma Dentist will administer local anesthesia to the treatment area which will ensure you don’t suffer any pain.

  • 2. Eye Appealing

Depending on what your definition of appealing, any dental filling can be appealing. For example, gold is one of the most treasured metals in the world. Having gold fillings can make you feel proud of yourself and want to smile more.

Composite fillings are also very appealing. They blend perfectly with your teeth and no one will ever know you had a dental cavity. Your teeth will be white and beautiful as they should be.

  • 3. Durable

Dental fillings are very durable. For example, gold fillings can last for up to 20 years. Even the cheapest dental fillings made of plastic can last for up to nine years. You just need to take good care of them. Maintain good oral hygiene and avoid chewing hard things like hard candies and ice.

  • 4. Most of Your Tooth Structure Remains Intact

Porcelain and composite fillings bond perfectly with your teeth. That means that the dentist will not have to remove a lot of your natural tooth structure. This makes it easy to treat the cavity and still maintain the natural look of your teeth.

  • 5. Versatility

Composite dental fillings can be used for more. They can be used to repair chipped and broken teeth.

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