7 Advantages of Dental Fillings

7 Advantages of Dental Fillings

Dec 01, 2020

Teeth are one of the essential organs of the body, performing a variety of tasks. Apart from chewing the food and aiding in digestion, teeth help you to speak clearly. A wobbly set of teeth might make the words slurp inside the mouth.  Advancement in dental science has incorporated a range of dental treatments that provide vitality to the weak and chipped teeth.

What is Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are a broad range of treatments to restore the dental structures that have lost their shape and vitality due to some dental ailment or trauma. Decay and cavities make your teeth hollow. A dentist can help you with dental filling to fill up the hollow space and reduce bacterial activities.

Dental fillings might also help repair a broken or chipped tooth caused due to some dental trauma or dental habits as biting the nails or grinding the teeth. Dental fillings are a dental restoration treatment to restore the integrity and morphology of your tooth.

Why is Dental Filling Needed?

The most common need for dental fillings is to fill in the gaps or holes in your teeth caused by the cavities. Tooth fillings are also beneficial in providing strength to the broken or chipped tooth. Dental habits as bruxism or biting the nails can cause severe damage to the teeth. Such practices can leave your teeth cracked and provide a thriving place for bacterial activity. You can book an appointment at Satsuma Family Dental as we care for your smiles. With experience of over twenty years, you can expect a comprehensive service for all your dental ailments under one roof. Apart from dental fillings, we provide dental implants and family dentistry.

#1: Cavities

Cavities of all shapes and sizes need prompt dental filling. Cavities can reach the teeth’s roots, and dentists need to use ionomer dental fillings to protect the underlying nerves. The tooth’s damaged part needs to be removed before filling them up with metal fillings or composite resin fillings.

#2: Versatility

Unlike other dental prostheses as dental bridges or crowns, dental fillings help treat various dental ailments from filling in the dental cavities to supporting chipped or cracked teeth. Even the tiny holes in your teeth can be filled in effectively by dental fillings.

#3: Discolored Tooth

Although you can undergo a tooth whitening procedure, a permanently-stained tooth cannot be benefitted from the teeth whitening process. Teeth grinding and consumption of caffeinated food and beverages might result in discoloration of teeth. Dental fillings can help to conceal the yellow and dark patches on your teeth.

#4: Aesthetic Value

Front tooth filling may help conceal the dental gaps between the front teeth and give you a sparkling smile. Porcelain fillings resemble your natural teeth and can even release fluoride that safeguards the teeth.

#5: Protection

Apart from filling the dental cavities to reduce bacterial activity, dental fillings can cure a fractured tooth with composite resin fillings. Dental fillings can substitute mouthguards as front tooth fillings can be useful in protecting the teeth from food stains.

#6: Easy Procedure

The tooth filling procedure is one of the easiest and simple cosmetic dentistry procedures. The whole process can be completed in a single visit to the dentist and, unlike dentures or bridges, does not require any previous appointment to get the shape of your oral cavity. The dental fillings are instantly applied over the targeted tooth and gets cemented in due time.

#7: Improved Tooth Functionality

Dental decay can make your chewing difficult. With a dental filling, your cavities can be filled up and make your chewing less painful. Unlike most other cosmetic dentistry processes, a dental filling can be incorporated with minimum scrapping of the enamel. With the least enamel loss, you can expect better oral hygiene and improved dental health.

The Care

Once the dentist administers dental filling, it is better not to chew hard or sticky foods. You can brush and floss your teeth as usual as dental fillings get incorporated with the teeth. You may use an antiseptic mouthwash to improve oral hygiene. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco can help to keep dental fillings better. Regular visits to the dentist are a must.

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