Are Dental Exams & Cleanings Necessary?

Are Dental Exams & Cleanings Necessary?

Oct 01, 2021

At-home hygiene practices will keep your smile looking bright but for an even healthier mouth, you need to visit Dentist near you regularly. At Satsuma Family Dental, we insist that patients have a routine dental visit at least once per year. However, our dentist in Satsuma, AL, will recommend the frequency of the visits depending on the state of your oral health. Patients that are considered high-risk of certain illnesses or those with some dental conditions often need more than an annual visit to have dental exams and cleaning performed.

To understand the value of dental exams and cleanings, you first need to know what they consist of. We discuss what you can expect from each of the procedures.

Dental Exams

A dental exam in Satsuma, AL, is simply a check-up to ensure that your teeth, gums, and mouth are in their best state. Your dentist will observe your mouth to identify any signs of disease such as cavities or plaque. The exam includes physical observation where only sight and touch are used and then there is the use of tests such as x-rays to provide a correct diagnosis.

Dental Exam Process

A comprehensive dental exam also extends to the head, neck, and soft tissues of the mouth such as the tongue. Any sign of a problem in these areas could affect your dental health and this is why it is important for a dentist to evaluate them. The occlusion of your mouth is also taken into account to see if there is any problem in your bite that needs attention. Your medical history is also taken into account during the process. This is because some health conditions or medications have a hand in the state of your dental health.

The overall goal of dental exams is to prevent oral diseases and allow for early diagnosis when chances of successful treatment are still high. It is a proactive measure that aims at keeping your mouth healthy at all times. Patients who go for regular dental exams also tend to spend less on dental expenses as problems are prevented or solved whilst still in their initial stages.

Dental Cleanings

Having your teeth professionally cleaned is considered an effective measure to prevent and treat periodontal disease. it also keeps your smile bright and your breath fresh. But despite the benefits, most people are still skeptical about the need to, since they assume brushing and flossing at home already keeps their teeth clean. The truth however is that a regular oral cleaning routine cannot get rid of plaque, tartar, and stains that accumulate on teeth over time. Dental cleanings on the other hand are designed to remove plaque and tartar deposits on the teeth’ surface to lessen the risk of decay and gum disease.

Dental Cleaning Process

Cleanings are usually done after the dental exam. The procedure can be done by a regular dentist or a hygienist. Special instruments are used to gently remove any deposits on the teeth’ surface. Using a small mirror to guide the hygienist, a scale is used to scarp off plaque and tartar around the gum line and between the teeth. Once all the tartar is out, gritty toothpaste is used alongside a high-powered electric brush to gently polish the teeth for a brighter appearance. Next, your teeth will be professionally flossed and if necessary, a fluoride treatment is performed thereafter.

It is also during these regular cleanings that you can learn the right brushing and flossing techniques. Your dentist will guide you on the best methods to use for effective results. You may also be educated on the right products to use that suit your dental needs. For instance, you are advised to switch a toothpaste for sensitive teeth or one with a specific amount of fluoride.

For quality dental exams & cleaning in Satsuma, AL, visit the Satsuma Family Dental which serves various general as well as cosmetic dentistry services. We strive to make the dental exam and Teeth Cleaning in 36572 to be a pleasant experience thanks to our friendly team that is highly trained and gentle too. Book an appointment today to meet our dentist, Dr. Diana S. Tedder.

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