Dental Crowns: All that you need to know

Dental Crowns: All that you need to know

Jun 01, 2021

A dental crown is a cap, shaped like a tooth and is used to cover or replace a damaged tooth. It is made from different kinds of materials including metal, steel, ceramic, porcelain, etc.

It is a common practice to visit a dentist near you when you have issues with your tooth or teeth. However, depending on the severity of the condition of your tooth, you might get referred to a tooth crown dentist to have your tooth covered or replaced with a dental crown. You do not need to worry about the dental crown fitting because dental crowns are designed to fit all of the four types of teeth and when you get a dental crown, it covers all the areas around your gum where your teeth would normally sit on.

How do you know that needs a dental crown? A dental crown is required you have a tooth that is decaying or breaking. A dental crown will help you hold the tooth together. You will also need a dental crown if your tooth is totally or partly broken or you have a large filling in your tooth. A dental crown is also used to hold a dental bridge together or to hide a dental implant. If you need a dental crown in Satsuma, AL and you want the best care for your tooth, you should get the service of a Williams Heights Dentist.

Types of dental crowns

There are four different types of crowns and they are classified based on their durability.

These types are:

One-day crown

If you need a crown, you can get it the first time you visit your dentist. This type of crown is called a one-day crown. If you need a dental crown in Satsuma, AL, you can get the crown installed the same day on your first appointment with a dentist. There are several ways which can be done, a commonly known method is to design the tooth using Computer-Aided Design, then the tooth is modeled using a special machine which you can find in the office of a Williams Heights Dentist and the tooth is finally laid on your gum.

Temporary crown

A temporary crown is a short fix for someone who needs a crown. As the name implies, it is not made to last long so it is as strong as a permanent crown and it is joined to your gum with an adhesive that will wear off with time. After getting a temporary crown, you will need to fix another appointment with our dentist near you to get a permanent crown.

Onlay or ¾ crown

An Onlay or ¾ crown is employed in a situation where you need to cover only a part of your tooth. You need an Onlay crown when only a part of your tooth is damaged or you have a large filling.

Permanent crown

A permanent crown is the most common type of crown. They are fabricated in a lab and they take time before they are ready.

How to get a dental crown

To get a dental crown, find a qualified and experienced dentist near you, the dentist first checks the tooth, determines the extent of the damage, recommends a remedy, and – if you are satisfied with the conditions – fix a date when you will come back to get your crown.

After the first visit, you will visit your tooth crown dentist a second time but this time specifications of your crown must have been sent to a medical lab and the crown will have been sent back to the dentist. It is during this appointment that you will get your tooth crown fixed.

Care for a tooth crown

Caring for a dental crown does not require a lot. You will have to start brushing if you have not started before. Avoid hard or sticky foods and use dental floss. However, if it is a temporary crown, you have to be careful when you are brushing the area where the crown is.

Side effects of using a crown

As it is expected of everything man-made, using a dental crown might have some side effects. Some crowns are sensitive to temperature, some break off partly or fully and some even cause health conditions for people.

Other than dental crowns there are other options to treat a faulty tooth, so make sure you visit a dentist near you. Call us now to book an appointment toady. We also welcome patients from the nearby communities like Pennsylvania, Williams Heights, Private Street, Rosemont Drive, Saraland Circle, Higgins Dr, South Oak Drive, Woodland Avenue, Clark Circle South, and Saraland.

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