All You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

All You Need to Know About Tooth Extraction

Nov 03, 2021

When all forms of dental procedures fail, a tooth extraction procedure is used to curb severe tooth decay and other dental problems. Tooth decay is a common dental problem that poses a threat to one’s dental health. Tooth decay is a result of the heavy presence of dental plaques in the mouth.

What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a procedure that can be carried out by a tooth removal dentist or any general dentist near you, in which a defective tooth is removed. This procedure is carried out with the patient under the influence of local, general, or intravenous anesthesia. Tooth extraction in Satsuma, AL is seen as a last resort after every other means of saving the affected tooth have been exhausted. The most common reason for tooth extraction is severe tooth decay. However, there are other reasons for undergoing this procedure. They include:

  • Tooth infections.
  • Overcrowded teeth.
  • Periodontic diseases.
  • Impacted teeth.
  • Prosthetic indications.
  • Failed dental treatments.
  • Dental caries.
  • Need to wear dental braces.

Only teeth that have been damaged beyond repairs or people with the above conditions are eligible for extraction.

Why need Tooth Extraction?

Dental plaques are sticky films of bacteria that stick to the surface of the teeth. They form when there is a mixture of stuck food remnants, saliva, and bacteria in the mouth. Dental plaques release acid that wears down the tooth’s enamel and makes it prone to decay. Tooth decay causes severe pain and tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. If it is not quickly attended to, the acid produced by the dental plaque courses through the teeth and eats at the tooth pulp. At this stage, the tooth pulp becomes swollen and irritated, and you can develop an abscessed tooth. This leads to pus seeping out of the tooth, chewing problems, unnatural tooth loss, and even infection to other teeth in the mouth. To prevent severe dental health complications and damage to other teeth, a tooth extraction procedure is required at this stage.

Types of Tooth Extraction

There are two types of tooth extraction known as simple extraction and surgical extraction:

Simple Extraction

A simple tooth extraction, as its name implies, is a simple way of extracting defective or unneeded teeth. This procedure is only to extract visible teeth, that is, teeth that are well above the gumline. In this procedure, the dentist numbs your tooth and the gum tissues around it. The concerned tooth is then pulled out with dental forceps.

Surgical Extraction

A surgical tooth extraction procedure is a little bit more complicated than a simple extraction. As its name implies, dental surgery is needed to remove the tooth. This type of tooth extraction procedure is used to extract impacted teeth or teeth that have broken below the gum line. Surgical tooth extractions are mostly performed by oral surgeons but can be performed by any general dentist near you. In this procedure, a small incision is made in your gum, then the underlying tooth is removed.

How To Prepare For A Tooth Extraction Procedure

Before a tooth extraction procedure, an x-ray of the tooth to be worked on would be taken. Also, you should inform your dentist of all medical conditions and medications you take. This is because having an extraction after being treated with drugs like biphosphonate can leave your jaw at risk of bone death (osteonecrosis). Also, some medical conditions have to be treated before going for a tooth extraction surgery to prevent health complications.

Before a tooth extraction surgery:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Do not eat or drink for about six to eight hours before your appointment.
  • Wear loosely fitted clothing.
  • Prepare for dizziness in case general anesthesia is administered.

How Much Does A Tooth Extraction Procedure Cost?

The cost of a tooth extraction procedure depends on the type of extraction you need. A surgical tooth extraction procedure costs about $800 to $4000 because it involves surgery. The simple tooth extraction procedure on the other hand costs about $75 to $200. Other factors that influence the cost of a tooth extraction procedure are the location of the dental clinic, the type of anesthesia to be used, the dentist, etc.

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