Electric or Manual Toothbrush: Why It Does (and Doesn’t) Matter

Electric or Manual Toothbrush: Why It Does (and Doesn’t) Matter

Aug 19, 2019

There are a thousand types of brush there in the market, but the question come at the end is which one is better. Electric or manual? When we compare all of the brushes, then we can say that there is no such scenario where one is better. Both of them have their benefits, which makes them unique. It is all about what are you looking for in a brush? If your comfort matches with any one of that, then you can choose that one, and if you do not want to come in this trouble, then you can contact the dentist in Satsuma.

Manual Toothbrush:

  • If you want to have control over the brush, then the manual brush is a better choice for you
  • If you are looking at the brush that can work according to your way
  • If your teeth are sensitive or gums are swollen, and you do not want to put much pressure on the teeth
  • If you are looking to save some money and wanted to replace them frequently, then it is easy to do this with manual
  • During the time of traveling, you want to have a brush which even if you forget would not make much difference. Here a manual brush one is better

Electric Toothbrush

  • If comfort is a priority and you do not want to move your hands, then electric brush would be the best fit because the dentist in Satsuma AL said that it moves in the rotation which can remove plaque easily and clean them properly.
  • If your child is not liking the habit of teeth clean then you can introduce them with an electric toothbrush because it would be a toy for them which they can play. Healthy benefits while playing.
  • Some of the electric toothbrushes come on the variable speed so you can adjust it according to your requirement. You can even ask the dentist in 36572 regarding the same.

If you still have confusion, then I would say you should contact the dentist near you or Satsuma Family Dental. They will guide you which one is better for you and which one is not.

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