Everything You Should Know about Lumineers

Everything You Should Know about Lumineers

May 01, 2021

Cosmetic dentistry has been the reason for many people to turn to dentists for their oral health. The focus is usually to improve the aesthetic appearance of their smiles. Over the years, dentistry has evolved, providing many different oral appliances that can be used to better the look and feel of patients’ smiles.

One popular dental appliance in cosmetic dentistry is dental veneers. Veneers are thin shell-like oral appliances placed on the front surfaces of teeth. In recent years, another type of veneer has come up that provides even better benefits to patients in cosmetic dentistry.

What Are Lumineers?

They are a special type of dental veneers created and designed by DenMat dental laboratory. Like traditional dental veneers near Satsuma, Lumineers are also installed on the front surfaces of teeth. The role of these types of veneers, like with the traditional ones, is to modify and adjust teeth to improve their color, appearance, and feel.

Still, Lumineers in Satsuma, AL, are different from traditional dental veneers. They are thinner and lighter than the typical dental veneers, requiring little to no prep-time. A dentist near you will explain that Lumineers take little preparation time to be installed, and the procedure involved in installing them is quicker than the case with traditional dental veneers.

More About Lumineers

Even though they are used to serve similar purposes as traditional dental veneers in dentistry, Lumineers are very distinctive. Some of the ways that Lumineers are unique include:

  1. They are more translucent – compared to traditional dental veneers, Lumineers are more translucent. They feature a thinner laminate instead of porcelain that is typical of traditional veneers. The material thereof is more translucent. Unfortunately, this is the reason why Lumineers may not be fit for correcting severely stained teeth.
  2. Less invasive procedure – technically, your teeth are trimmed slightly before the installation of traditional veneers, to make room for them. With Lumineers, however, the grinding of your teeth is not necessary before the procedure. This is why the oral appliances are termed as no-prep veneers.
  3. Faster procedure and shorter time in the dentist’s chair – with no prep time, our dentist near you` will only need to take impressions of your teeth to get started on the procedure. This happens during tour first dental appointment. The next appointment will only be about installing the Lumineers.
  4. No temporary veneers are needed – temporary veneers are usually necessary when the enamel of your teeth has been trimmed to prepare for the procedure. Since the trimming process is not necessary with Lumineers, you won’t need temporary veneers as you wait for your Lumineers to be readied.
  5. They are removable – one of the things you must get used to with traditional veneers is that they are permanent and cannot be removed once installed. However, with Lumineers, they can be removed at any time, since they are semi-permanent. This can be done with very minimal damage to your natural teeth.
  6. They are less expensive – compared to traditional dental veneers, Lumineers are less expensive, saving you a couple of dollars for each tooth. However, like with most cosmetic procedures, Lumineers may not be covered by dental insurance because they are often considered elective cosmetic treatments.

Why Are Lumineers Right for You?

Other than the unique features of Lumineers, here are some of the reasons you should consider getting Lumineers:

  1. They repair and restore chipped or broken teeth
  2. They can brighten your smile – mild dental discoloration can effectively be corrected with Lumineers.
  3. They can align crooked teeth – the mild crookedness of your teeth can be streamlined with Lumineers.
  4. They reshape teeth – the misshapen or usually small teeth can be adjusted to look normal and beautiful with Lumineers.
  5. They are smile perfectors – many patients who long after a Hollywood smile can achieve their dental goals through opting for Lumineers.


As identified above, there are several reasons why Lumineers are worth it in cosmetic dentistry. Choosing them, however, should be guided by your dentist, who can best advocate for one oral appliance over another, based on the underlying issues you have. Either way, cosmetic dentistry is there to meet all your aesthetic-related dental needs with high precision and incredible results.

If you are still confused about the use of Lumineers, call us right now to schedule an appointment with our dentist near you. Our dentist also cater to patients residing in nearby communities.

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