Getting Tongue Tie Treatment for Kids

Getting Tongue Tie Treatment for Kids

Jul 01, 2019

One thing that lots of kids have to deal with is a condition called being tongue-tied. Tongue ties or ankyloglossia, are when young children have a situation where the lingual frenulum is attached to the bottom of the tongue. This is a restriction of the tongue’s range of motion and is noticeable when kids attempt to communicate. They are not fully able to articulate their words, and there are plenty of other issues that come with the tongue tie as well. That’s why if you suspect your child has a tongue tie, then visiting the dentist Satsuma is a great way to learn about your options.

Why are Tongue Ties Problematic?

When you get to the dentist near you, they will examine your child, and if your child is found to have a tongue tie, they’ll explain to you the treatment options. One of the big issues for small children is tongue ties and lip ties affect breastfeeding, which can damage the mother’s nipple and cause weight gain to be arrested along with an inability to hold a pacifier. Quality of life issues are affected as well, this means shorter sleep episodes, and that should be reason enough to visit the dentist in Satsuma.

There are other issues associated with tongue ties – some of these are even lifetime issues. Consequences from tongue ties include tooth decay, speech delays, sleep apnea, snoring, migraines, tooth decay, and other oral hygiene problems.

What are the Treatments for Tongue Ties?

Today’s treatments are much easier for dentists, especially pediatric dentists, to perform. The good news is that laser frenectomy is a common procedure for a dentist Satsuma AL. For babies, they are placed in a firm swaddle while the procedure is performed, but others are put in the chair. Protective eyewear is put on, and the area is numbed. Once that happens, the dentist will use the laser to remove the frenulum that is causing the tongue tie. While there may be a little soreness after the fact, it doesn’t last long, and the good news is the child’s life is very positively affected because of the procedure.

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