Handing Tooth Sensitivity and Decay Through Dental Sealants

Handing Tooth Sensitivity and Decay Through Dental Sealants

Mar 01, 2021

Cavities are one of the common dental problems. While brushing and flossing regularly are measures that have been employed to prevent cavities, these measures have not successfully cleaned very nook and canny of the teeth. The back teeth are the most challenging to clean and protect from cavities because they are used to chew food and they are rough and uneven. Leftover foods tend to get stock on these teeth such that if they are not properly cleaned they host cavity-causing bacteria that hide in the tiny groves. Dental Sealants are the other way of preventing cavities and addressing the problems caused by the cavities by keeping the teeth clean.

A dental sealant as the name suggests is a seal that covers the teeth. They are thin protective covers that are made from plastic or other materials and are applied in the chewing surface of the back teeth. However, it is important to note that sealants do not substitute the good habits of brushing your teeth and flossing. However, they are able to prevent the formation of cavities and prevent decay at the early stages from progressing to damaging levels.

Who needs sealants?

Dental Sealants can be applied to both children and adults. However, there is emphasis on the timing whereby one should get sealants early. The idea is to seal the teeth at the soonest time possible. With the first molars appearing at around the age of 6 and the second ones at the age of 12, these timings are important. However, one should first visit a dentist and be advised whether sealants are good for them at the particular period. You can get dental sealants for adult at any age if you missed the opportunity during childhood.

How sealants work

Dental sealants in Satsuma, AL, simply cover the surface of the teeth. The dental sealants act as a coating that prevents the deposit of foods on the surface of the teeth. Cavities are formed when the bacteria that are naturally in the mouth act on the food particles that remain deposited on the upper surface of the teeth. The bacteria action on the food produces acids that create the cavities on the surface of the teeth. The sealants prevent the contact of the actual teeth with the acid. Sealant for sensitive teeth prevents the contact of the actual teeth with the compound that causes the sensitivity.

How sealants are applied

The application of sealants even for the sealant for sensitive teeth is a quick painless process. The first step involves the cleaning and drying of the mouth after which an acidic gel is applied on the teeth. The role of the gel is to create a rough surface on the teeth, which is necessary for creating a strong bond between the sealant to be applied and surface of the teeth. The gel is then rinsed after a few seconds and the surface of the teeth dried before the sealant is applied on the grooves. It is at this point that a special blue light is applied to harden the just applied sealant. The same procedure applied for sealants for adult and children.

How long do they last and are there any side effects

You can rely on the protection of your teeth from decay and cavities for up to 10 years. However, during this period, you will be expected to visit the dentists for chipping or wearing inspections regularly. Our dentist near you, will advise on when to make the visits. Sealants can be replaced when necessary so these situations should not be a cause for worry. On the other hand, there are no known side effects from Sealants.

Tooth decay and sensitivity can be addressed effectively through sealants without any trouble. The procedure is simple and the process is safe. All you need to do is search for dentist near me and get the solution that you need for your tooth decay and sensitivity. Once you have connected with the dentist near me you can make further inquiries on the process and what is expected of you. Otherwise you stand to enjoy 10 years of tooth decay prevention and no challenge with sensitivity through the simple procedure that has been relied and dependent on over many years.

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