Make Your Smile More Beautiful with Teeth Whitening Treatment

Make Your Smile More Beautiful with Teeth Whitening Treatment

Apr 01, 2020

Apart from the usual job of chewing and aid in digestion, teeth add to an aesthetic value to you. Teeth help you to speak with confidence and enable you to speak fluently. The tongue hits the teeth, and the pronunciation is easy and smooth. White and bright teeth also contribute to your confidence and boosts self-esteem. Smiling with white teeth can be an added advantage in job interviews.

The Changing of Teeth Color

Although the teeth are naturally white, hut with gradual usage and aging, the teeth start to lose their natural color and shine. The change in teeth color can be contributed to by the food and beverages you consume. Caffeinated drinks as tea, coffee, or liquor can contribute to the decomposition of a color pigment termed as chromogens that are attached to the dental enamel. Over time the decomposition becomes more, thus leaving a permanent tinge on the teeth. Even chewing tobacco or smoking can lead the teeth to lose their natural color.

Aging is also a prime factor contributing to the change of teeth color. Dental trauma or certain medication is also responsible for the teeth to lose their color. With the regular wear and tear of the teeth and due to rigorous brushing, the outer layer of the teeth starts to get thinner.

What are Teeth Whitening?

The teeth might get stained due to certain reasons, and teeth whitening is the procedure to restore the whiteness of the teeth. Often certain processes can be done at home, while for some processes, you need the administration of an expert and might need to visit the dentist. Dentists in Satsuma are experienced in teeth whitening.

The majority of the patients visiting the dentist undergo teeth whitening. The actual color of the teeth can be restored by using a bleaching agent in the form of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The oxidizing agents work by breaking the stain into smaller parts, thus brightening the teeth.

With prolonged usage, the teethed develops fine cracks, and these cracks get filled up with debris of remains of food that contribute to the stains in the teeth. The main function of the bleaching agents is to make the stains disappear, if not, then make it lighter.

Although teeth whitening in Satsuma is reading available, but you can also try a whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, or even gels. These are easy to apply and can be tried at home too. These are whitening products that aid in making the teeth whiter. The permanent and tough stains do not get away with whitening toothpaste or gels. The bleaching process needs the administration of a specialist and often involves more sensitive chemicals.

Visiting the Dentist

When you have tough stains, it is better to visit a dentist. Some stains do not get away with whitening toothpaste, and you need the assistance of a professional. At Satsuma Family Dental, the experienced dentists are ready to provide you the best treatment available.

The whitening substances are placed in custom-fit trays and placed over your teeth. This exercise is difficult to avail of at home. The teeth are dipped in whitening solutions through these custom-trays. Moreover, the professional-grade bleaching agents can be availed only by the professional dentist. So, it is always better to avail the service of a professional dentist. Thirty minutes of a visit to your dentist can make your smile more beautiful and make you more confident.

Your Treatment

Maintaining good oral hygiene along with dental flossing and brushing can contribute to keeping the teeth whiter for a longer period. This cannot be a permanent solution, but you can avoid caffeinated drinks to prevent discoloration of the teeth. Opting for a cosmetic dentist in Satsuma is also an option if you have de-shaped gums and wrongly aligned teeth.

After visiting the dentist, if you intend to leave with whiter and dazzling teeth, Satsuma Family Dental is the place you should visit. With a modern office and more than twenty-three years of dedicated service experience, we are here to provide you the best available treatment. Our caring staffs are family-friendly, and you can relax while undergoing treatment as we take care of your family. Apart from teeth whitening, we also provide dental extraction and dentures as well. You can whiten your teeth and smile brightly.

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