Root Canal Treatment Procedure: How Safe It Is?

Root Canal Treatment Procedure: How Safe It Is?

Dec 01, 2021

Did you begin shaking with fear the moment the dentist in Satsuma, AL, mentioned you require root canal treatment to overcome the excruciating pain and lingering sensitivity you experience from an infected tooth? Root canal treatments are well established for their effectiveness. Unfortunately, misinformation continues to spread on online sources causing patients to question the safety of endodontic treatments.

If you continue to believe the misinformation over the Internet, you will likely continue enduring the pain and sensitivity you experience until it is too late to save your tooth. The root canal treatment procedure effectively removes infected and inflamed dental pulp from inside your tooth to protect it from extraction. You can find many unsubstantiated statements over the Internet claiming root canals cause cancer and various other complications. However, no scientific evidence is provided to link root canals to any health issues. Therefore you must understand that advancements in dentistry now make endodontic treatments predictable, successful, and effective. If you aren’t aware of what to expect when undergoing the root canal procedure, please read this article to educate yourself that the myths are entirely frivolous.

What Makes You a Candidate for Root Canal Treatment?

That you need root canal treatment is evidence that you are enduring severe pain when chewing or biting besides lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures even after removing the sensation. The cause of needing root canals could be a chipped or cracked tooth, an untreated cavity, or dental injuries that allow bacteria to penetrate the tooth and infect the dental pulp. You may also notice pimples on your gums, have swollen or tender gums, and may have the darkening of the gums.

Dental pulp infections are best treated by root canal treatment in Satsuma, AL, when you receive advice from this endodontic specialist. If you decide to ignore or delay the treatment, you might have to search for tooth replacement solutions at high prices after getting the affected tooth extracted. Instead, if you opt to receive this safe and effective procedure, you allow yourself to save your natural tooth and get rid of the infection inside your tooth.

What Happens When Undergoing Root Canal Treatments?

When you schedule your appointment with the dentist near you for root canal treatment, expect the procedure to require one or two visits, depending on which tooth is affected.

On the day of your appointment, the dentist examines and x-rays your tooth before administering anesthesia is required according to your dental anxiety. After numbing your tooth, the dentist places a protective sheet over the site to isolate the tooth keeping it clean and free from saliva during the process.

The dentist makes an access hole in the crown of your tooth to expose the dental pulp. After that, they use tiny docile tools for cleaning the pulp from its chamber and root canals before molding the space for a filling.

After cleaning and shaping the space, the specialist fills the root canals with a rubber-like biocompatible material called gutta-percha along with adhesives to ensure proper sealing of the root canals. The access hole in the crown of your tooth is also filled with a temporary filler. Your regular dental care provider removes the temporary filling before restoring your tooth with a dental crown or permanent filling for protection and complete functionality.

Caring for a Root Canal Treated Tooth

Expect to experience some discomfort after undergoing a root canal treatment procedure from the Satsuma dentist. However, the dentist provides prescription or over-the-counter pain reliever advice to ensure your manage the discomfort without complications. In addition, you receive guidance from the dentist not to chew or bite with the treated tooth until you have it restored by your dentist. You can visit your dentist the moment you feel comfortable to have your tooth fixed. Besides the above, you can continue maintaining proper oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing and visiting dentists for exams and cleanings.

Teeth undergoing root canal treatments last for as long as your remaining teeth, so long as you accept your dentist’s view to restore the tooth with a dental crown for full functionality and appearance. Most importantly, the root canal procedure relieves the pain caused by the infected tooth and helps prevent various other competition that may affect you from the infection inside your tooth. However, the process is entirely safe, effective, and successful, unlike the frivolous statements claimed over the Internet to scare you from receiving endodontic treatment.

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