Dental Crowns in Satsuma, AL 36572

Dental Crowns in Satsuma, AL 36572

You may have heard others speak about dental crowns, but how important are they? At Satsuma Family Dental, we believe dental crowns are an important way to preserve the health and structure of teeth.

Our tooth crown dentist near you at Satsuma Family Dental offers the best services concerning dental crowns in Satsuma, AL – using the latest state of art technology and equipment.

What is a Crown?

A dental crown is a kind of covering for your tooth. It can be used to restore the tooth when it has been damaged, or to correct problems with size or shape. It strengthens teeth and makes your smile more beautiful.

Why Would I Need a Crown?

There are several reasons someone may need to have a crown on their tooth. Some of these may include:

  • A cavity that is too large for a traditional filling
  • A tooth is cracked, weakened, or worn down
  • A root canal treatment has been performed
  • To cover a tooth that is discolored or badly shaped

Dental crowns in Satsuma, AL, can be used for both functional reasons as well as cosmetic reasons, restoring the structure of teeth and improving the appearance of teeth.

Caring for Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are like your natural teeth, so they are susceptible to getting broken. You must also remember that your tooth is still located up under the crown, and without proper dental hygiene you may still get cavities under the crown. To prevent this, some steps should be taken:

  • Brush teeth twice a day
  • Floss teeth thoroughly once a day
  • Use oral products with fluoride in them
  • Use products approved by the American Dental Association
  • Avoid chewing on hard foods or objects, including ice. This is especially true if you have a crown that is colored to match your natural teeth.
  • Visit the dentist near you at least twice a year for regular dental exams and professional cleanings for your teeth

The health of your teeth is important to us, which is why we recommend dental crowns when they may benefit a patient’s oral health. If you have any questions about dental crowns or other services we provide in our Satsuma dental clinic, contact a tooth crown dentist near you of Satsuma Family Dental to schedule an appointment with our highly qualified dentist.

Other than dental crowns in Satsuma, AL, Satsuma Family Dental also provides services in Saraland, Creola, Axis, Chickasaw, and Mobile. Visit us now for dental crowns and other related services.

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