Dental Exams & Cleaning in Satsuma, AL 36572

Dental Exams & Cleaning in Satsuma, AL 36572

At Satsuma Family Dental, we are dedicated to the health, function and appearance of our patient’s smiles. For this reason, we recommend routine, professional, preventive dental care for each of our patients. Dental exams and cleanings in Satsuma are one preventive dental care option that is recommended at least twice a year (for those with chronic dental issues such as decay, cavities, infections or even gum disease, more frequent appointments may be recommended). When is the last time your family had a routine dental checkup? If it has been more than 6 months, we recommend contacting Satsuma Family Dental today to schedule your next appointment for dental exams and cleanings in 36572.

Why Do You Need Routine Dental Checkups?

Did you know that tooth decay is the leading chronic disease among children? Gum disease affects more than 64,00,000 Americans. The saddest part is, it is completely avoidable! With preventive, professional dental care, patients can greatly reduce their risk of almost any kind of dental complication.

What Happens During a Dental Exam And Cleaning?

During a professional dental examination, Satsuma Family Dental will use specialized tools, experience and knowledge to examine your teeth, gums, tongue, lips and overall oral health, looking for any signs of dental complications such as decay, cavities, infection, disease or even cancer. In the event that any risk factors are noticed, your dentist can create a treatment plan to begin addressing the issue immediately. We then take the time to thoroughly explain our findings, any recommended treatments and the possible outcomes.

During a professional dental cleaning, our team will also use specialized tools to ensure that your entire mouth is completely cleaned, even those hard to reach areas you tend to miss. Professional dental cleanings can greatly reduce your risk of decay, cavities, infection and disease while also improving the appearance of your smile and reducing any bad breath.

How We Can Help:

At Satsuma Family Dental, we take the oral health of our patients seriously. That’s why as a part of every professional dental cleaning we will also perform an oral cancer screening. While we do offer halitosis and bad breath treatment in Satsuma, 36572, We also serve other areas such as Saraland, Creola, Axis, Chickasaw, and Mobile.

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