Dental Veneers in Satsuma, AL 36572

Dental Veneers in Satsuma, AL 36572

Dental Veneers at Satsuma Family Dental can fix smile imperfections by covering discoloration, chips, or worn down teeth and misalignments. Considering the fact that they are very natural looking, durable and stain resistant, dental veneers in Satsuma, AL, are the perfect cosmetic solution available to enhance your smile.

Dental Veneers in Satsuma, AL

Made of customized, ultra-thin material, porcelain veneers are created to fit over flawed teeth; the restoration is as sheer as 0.2 mm. For this reason, dental veneers are considered to be a conservative cosmetic treatment approach.

Based on modern standards, dental ceramics have the highest predictability for dental veneers in Satsuma, AL. This type of material provides tremendous strength, color stability, natural translucency, and bonding properties over the long term.

The Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers in Satsuma, AL, look natural, with a translucency that mimics surrounding natural teeth. The restorations should be planned carefully after a complete smile analysis including impressions, photos, and a dental diagnostic wax up.

Unlike a complete smile makeover or bridges and dental crowns, porcelain veneers can be fixed in place quickly. Advanced equipment allows Satsuma cosmetic dentists to scan existing teeth and construct dental veneers in Satsuma, AL, right in the office. The procedure can take only an hour during a single visit. The typical process that involves two appointments also takes less time than other traditional teeth enhancement procedures. For this reason, patients getting veneers can quickly get back to everyday life without having to deal with an incomplete dental procedure for an extended time.

An additional incentive is a flexibility that comes with dental veneers. One tooth can be repaired with a dental veneer or full row of teeth. The restoration can be shaded to blend in naturally with a mouthful of teeth. In fact, many Satsuma Family Dental patients say they don’t notice the new layer after a while. Your dentist can even use dental veneers to fix minor misalignments of natural teeth by cementing the ceramic material so that the teeth appear straight.

Other than dental veneers in Satsuma, AL, we also provide our services in other locations including Saraland, Creola, Axis, Chickasaw, and Mobile.

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