Mouthguards in Satsuma, AL 36572

Mouthguards in Satsuma, AL 36572

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Mouthguards in Satsuma, AL

Mouthguards were designed for your teeth to protect them from excessive damage and wear. These are used by most athletes while they are participating in sporting events, but might also be used to assist in protecting people with dental bridges and braces. Typical mouthguards in Satsuma usually cover your upper teeth and have been found as a good way to protect the soft tissue of your lips, cheek lining, and tongue. There are three types of them as mentioned –

Pre-Made or Stock: They are inexpensive, and you can start wearing them immediately. You will find they are made from a foam material most of the time. Stock mouthguards will not fit very good. This type is bulky, so they can make talking and breathing difficult, which will be difficult to handle if it is being used for organized sports.

Boil and Bite: Mouth protectors of this type can be picked up at sporting goods stores, drug stores and might be a better fit than the ‘stock’ mouth protectors. You soften them first in boiling water, insert them and let them adapt to your mouth shape. Boil and bite ones still don’t fit as good as your custom made type, and might even feel bulky in your mouth, and probably won’t feel right if you are wearing braces. You are based on the “average” head, size of the mouth and no one is average.

Custom-fitted: A custom-fitted mouthguard is considered the best option because they are made to fit your mouth perfectly. The ones that are custom-fitted are made by your dentist by taking an impression of your teeth. They tend to be more expensive than the other versions, but because they are customized, usually offer the best fit.

How Do They Make Your Custom Mouthguard?

Satsuma Family Dental will design your custom mouthguards in Satsuma, AL, 36572. An impression of your teeth will be made. That impression is then sent to a dental lab so they can make you a mouthguard. You may have the choice of color or it can be a clear one if you may like so.

In seven to fourteen days, your mouthguard will be in so you can try it on for a fit. Your Satsuma Family Dental dentist will watch as you try on your new one, and might trim or adjust it to make for sure it will fit securely and smoothly in your mouth.

Satsuma Family Dental offers you a custom-fitted mouthguards in Satsuma, AL as a part of our comprehensive oral health services. If you happen to have orthodontic treatments, braces and regularly participate in contact sports or athletics, then we recommend strongly that you have a custom guard made for your mouth, because your mouth and teeth are so prone to injury when you wear braces.

Taking care it s extremely important, and the best ways to get the most protection is by following these steps:

  • Keep a close check for any wear or tear in case they need replacing
  • Never, ever leave it in hot water or sun
  • Store and carry your the guard in a sturdy, vented container
  • Now and then clean your mouthguard in soapy water, cool, or brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste when you can

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