Root Canal Treatment in Satsuma, AL 36572

Root Canal Treatment in Satsuma, AL 36572

When a cavity develops in a tooth, it is usually effectively treated with a dental filling. If, however, it is left to worsen, it could reach the dental pulp of the tooth and a filling will no longer be sufficient for treating it. In those cases, the tooth will have to be treated with a root canal. Satsuma Family Dental provides root canal treatment in Satsuma to restore teeth to full health.

What is a root canal?

When the decay of a cavity is left to worsen, it can threaten the pulp of a tooth, the soft core where the blood vessels and nerves are located. To prevent an abscess from forming, it is important to remove it promptly. A root canal removes the decay from the center of a tooth and fills the space in with a biocompatible material to restore function to the tooth. A root canal can also be performed on a tooth that has become affected by an injury, such as a fracture or crack, or one that has had repeated dental procedures performed on it.


To perform a root canal in 36572 at Satsuma Family Dental, your dentist may first take x-rays to get a better look at the tooth below the gum line, observing the tooth roots and surrounding bone. An anesthetic is used for this procedure to minimize pain and discomfort. A sheet of latex rubber called a dental dam will be placed around the tooth to keep it dry and clean for the duration of the procedure. A hole will be created in the top of the affected tooth to allow your dentist access to the inside of it. The pulp will then be removed, along with all traces of decay. The inside of the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly and reshaped; this step is meant to discourage bacteria from collecting in that tooth again. Once clean, the canal will be filled in with a biocompatible filling material to restore the tooth’s structure. It is usually covered with a dental crown.

To treat severe tooth decay in Satsuma, a root canal at Satsuma Family Dental may be needed. Other than root canal treatment in Satsuma we also provide our services in Saraland, Creola, Axis, Chickasaw, and Mobile. Book your appointment with us today!

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