Tips for Your Next Dental Exam And Cleaning

Tips for Your Next Dental Exam And Cleaning

Jul 01, 2020

How often do you visit your dentist? A regular visit to your dentist is crucial for oral hygiene routine. Brushing and flossing twice a day is not adequate to keep teeth and gum clean. The plaque will build up with time and harden into tartar. Eventually, this will lead to gum disease and cavities.

For many people, the dentist recommends having dental exams and cleanings twice a year or more if the situation calls for it. Regular dental visits in Satsuma help our dentist spot trouble early and take the necessary measures. Our dentist also examines your face, neck, and mouth for abnormalities.

A dental exam might also include an x-ray, which helps the dentist to evaluate dental that is undetectable using a physical dental exam.

Are you planning to visit Satsuma Family Dental for the first time? Continue reading; explained below are some tips to guide you for the next dental exam and cleaning.

  • Book for an appointment in advance

We offer dental exams and cleaning as part of our preventive dentistry services. Our dentist recommends booking an appointment in advance. Plan adequate time off from work to avoid feeling worried about getting back to the office. If anxious about the dental visit, speak to the dentist. We can adjust the treatment to make you feel comfortable.

  • Observe General Oral Hygiene

Brush and floss after every meal or twice daily; however, don’t overdo it. Over Brushing your teeth makes them more porous, increasing sensitivity. Prevent teeth sensitivity for your upcoming dental cleaning in Satsuma by using a soft toothbrush and observing general oral hygiene.

Use fluoridated toothpaste and drink plenty of water containing adequate levels of fluoride. Fluoride helps in the reabsorption of calcium and phosphate that are essential for maintaining the enamel strong. Furthermore, fluoride reverses mild dental decay. Additionally, eat healthy foods that support your teeth and keep them strong. Plus, avoid sugary and sticky foods.

  • What to Expect During Your Dental Exam and Cleaning?

Being aware of our dental exam and cleaning beforehand, eases stress, and makes you look forward to the procedure. Our dentist will perform a comprehensive health assessment, including your medical and drug history. Your gums and teeth are also examined for signs of decay and infection, and suitable dental treatment is initiated. If no decay or infection is present, the dental cleaning will commence, and this is usually done by our hygienist.

Using dental tools such as the scaler, the hygienist will clean plaque and tartar between the teeth and around the gums. Next, they will brush the teeth with an electric brush and toothpaste.

Professional flossing is done to remove any stubborn particles and check for gum bleeding. The mouth is then rinsed before fluoride treatment is performed.

The hygienist applies fluoride foam, gel or varnish on the teeth enamel using a cotton swab or brush. The fluoride solution is left for a few minutes for the enamel to absorb it. Alternatively, the dentist puts fluoride in a tray, and you hold in your mouth for a couple of minutes. The application of fluoride is a protectant against cavities.

  • Stay Calm

Dental exams and cleaning rarely cause any discomfort. However, if you have dental anxiety, you can speak to the dentist about it. We have dental sedation that involves the use of medication to relax you during the procedure. Several options are available, and the dentist will choose suitable dental sedation based on the severity of your dental phobia or gag reflex.

You can also try listening to music during the procedure. Music will relax and take your mind away from what the dentist is doing. Most dental offices play music to take your mind off the procedure.

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At Satsuma Family Dental, we provide dental exams and cleaning as part of our preventive dental services. Our dental team aims to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Visit our dental clinic and learn more about the benefits of regular teeth cleaning and other services that we offer.

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