What is Root Canal and How does it Work?

What is Root Canal and How does it Work?

Mar 05, 2020

Most people shiver when they hear of a root canal treatment. They associate it with pain and agony. But is it that painful? This article will clarify any myths about this treatment as well as provide you with more information about how it works.

What is Root Canal?

A root canal is a part of the tooth that contains the blood vessels, nerve tissue, and other cells. The root canal is also called the pulp. The root canal provides your tooth with moisture as well as nourishes it. The nerves inside the root canal senses pain, hot, and cold temperatures.

Root canal treatment is a treatment used to remove an infection inside a tooth. This treatment is also referred to as endodontic therapy. It is an effective treatment, and it can help protect a tooth from infections in the future.

Root Canal Procedure

The treatment is done in three steps.

Cleaning of the Root Canal

During the first step, everything in the root canal is removed by the dentist. The dentist administers anesthesia to ensure the process is as painless as possible. The dentist then makes a small hole on the surface of your tooth. The dead and diseased pulp tissues are removed through the holes.

Filling the Root Canal

The drilled hole needs to be filled. Before he fills it, the dentist cleans it first. Then he fills it with a rubber-like material. Using an adhesive or dental cement, he seals the canal. Your tooth dies after the treatment since the nerve tissue is removed. Be very careful with the tooth.

Adding a Filling or Crown

The third step is adding a dental crown or filling. Your tooth is very fragile during this period. The crown or filling is to offer it some protection. You should not chew or bite with the tooth until your dentist has placed a crown or filling. You can use it ordinarily afterward.

The treatment will only take one visit. However, if you have problems such as multi-canals, large infections, or curved canals, you might need another appointment.

Who Needs a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is suitable for anyone with injured or infected pulp. It is normally the last resort for saving an infected tooth. If the treatment cannot save it, then the tooth has to be extracted.

If your pulp is injured or diseased, the tissue dies. Bacteria can enter your pulp if you have deep cavities or a cracked tooth. The bacteria infect the pulp and can destroy it. It can even affect the bone.

The infection affects the bone and breaks it down. It makes your tooth loosen, and the ligaments around it swell. A pulp injury also makes your tooth more sensitive and can cause pain when chewing.

If the infection is not treated, the treatment spreads, and the only way to fix the problem can be extracting the tooth.

Some people opt for extraction, but it is always the right option. The space left affects the surrounding teeth, and they start moving towards it. This can affect the alignment of your teeth as well as your bite. So if a root canal can save it, go for it if it can’t, then go for an implant.

How Much Does it Cost

The cost of the treatment varies. A root canal treatment in Satsuma will not cost the same as a treatment in Piqua. However, root canal treatment is more cost-efficient compared to other options.

If you opt for extraction, it means you will need a bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth. Both options are relatively more expensive.


Root canal treatments are very successful. But just as with any surgery, there might be some complications. Some of them include:

  • A dentist may miss a canal which might continue spreading the disease.
  • The filling material may not be strong enough, which can encourage the return of the infection.
  • It can be very difficult to fill a tooth properly if a root cracks or instrument breaks in the canal.

Talk to your dentist if you face any complication. It is wise to have a permanent crown placed once the therapy is complete.

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