Why You Should Opt for Root Canal?

Why You Should Opt for Root Canal?

Jan 01, 2020

The root canal treatment is not a singular attempt but is a sequence of procedures to settle your infected pulp. The root canal treatment eliminates further chances of infection and protects the infected tooth from future microbial attacks.

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, includes the removal and cleaning of the infected blood vessels, pulp, and cellular entities and filling the hollows with dental fillings.

Root canal in Satsuma is common, and specialist dentists are well trained to provide the best of root canaling experience.

Preparation and Diagnostic

Before you undergo root canal treatment, the correct diagnosis of the dental pulp and associated peripheral tissues is to be carried out. In this way, the endodontist can select the most appropriate option of treatment. The root canal treatment is irreversible, so the extraction and filling process is equally important.

The infected pulp is cleaned of the infections and affected blood capillaries and cleaned with disinfectant liquid. The gap ow hole is now filled with dental filling to provide a smooth finish.

Root canal treatment is typically used when the nerves and pulp of the tooth become infected. As all surgeries need some after-care, you might experience pain in the gums. But this agony is temporary, and the recovery time is also short. You might be advised to feed on soft food items and liquid diet for the first few days but soon would be able to return to your regular food habits.

Why You Should Opt For Root Canal

Severe toothache upon chewing for a prolonged period and persistent sensitivity or either cold or hot food and beverages, along with discoloration of the tooth, are signs that you might need to undergo root canal treatment.

Deep Decay

Cavities of the tooth, often caused by bacterial invasion can destroy the tooth. If you leave it unattended, the minor decay can turn into deep decay. Infections, accompanied by severe pain, can be the symptoms, but quietly the dentine and enamel would be affected. Over time, the pulp gets infected, and root canaling would be the only treatment.

Repeated Dental Treatments

When a single tooth of yours is treated repeatedly, the chances of administering root canaling increases many folds. There might be several reasons when your tooth might need numerous dental treatments, but repeated dental filling, dentine treatment, cavities treatment increases the chances of affecting the pulp. Once the pulp is significantly affected, root canaling is the only respite.

Large Fillings

If you leave your dental cavities untreated, you end up getting larger dental fillings. After prolonged ignorance, when you finally get the dental filling, you might have caused significant damage to the dental lining. The structural integrity of the tooth is affected adversely by more extensive dental filings. More massive dental filings might contribute to infection and inflammation of the pulp, and root canaling is the only viable treatment.

Cracked Tooth

Dental trauma might lead to a cracked or broken tooth. Dental stresses as chewing, clenching, and grinding also cause teeth to crack. The minor cracks can be repaired with a tooth cap of dental bonding material. But the severe dental cracks require root canal treatment. Satsuma dentists are well experienced in root canal treatment. Spacious and clean, along with skilled endodontists, a root canal in Satsuma is a great experience.

Save Your Tooth

The decaying tooth can be saved by root canal treatment. The damaged portion would be scrapped off, but the healthier tooth would remain and keep your smile consistent. If you leave the effected pulp and tooth unattended, you increase the chances of losing the tooth.

Stop Spreading the Infection

The infections gradually spread from tooth to pup to the gum. If you are reluctant to attend to the virus, you might run the risk of spreading the infection to other body parts. It is better to undergo root canal treatment to nullify the risk of contamination.

Chewing With Both Sides Of Mouth

A twinge of pain from the infected tooth might have stopped you chewing with one side. The side with which you eat food is subjected to more wear and tear, while the other side of the mouth is left alone. It is always better to start treatment at the initial stages. Going ahead with root canal treatment is the best available option. You can get rid of the pain and chew freely at your will.

The tooth is not invincible and needs protection. Proper oral hygiene and consulting your endodontist at regular intervals can keep tooth problems at bay. Root canaling is safe and long lasting. So, if you are planning to keep tooth problems at bay, contact us at Satsuma Family Dental. We can help you to retain your smile.

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